HRZZ: Ion Beam Induced Changes in Crystaline Materials (MIOBICC), 2014-2018, Principal investigator, Stjepko Fazinić

HRZZ: Nuclear structure and reactions – experiments towards the neutron drip line, 2014-2018, Principal investigator, Suzana Szilner

HRZZ: Nano-networks of Quantum Dots in Glasses: From Self-assembly to Energy Conversion and Hydrogen Storage, 2014-2018, Principal investigator, Maja Buljan

EU H2020 project EuroFusion, 2014-2018, Project coordinator for RBI, Tonči Tadić

EU H2020 project AIDA – Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators, 2015-2019, Project coordinator for RBI, Stjepko Fazinić

EU H2020 ERA Chair project PARADESEC – Expanding Potential in Particle and Radiation Detectors, Sensors and Electronics in Croatia, 2015-2020, Project coordinator, Neven Soić

NATO SPS project E-SiCure – Engineering silicon carbide for enhanced borders and ports security, 2016-2020, Voditelj project, Ivana Capan

IAEA CRP F11020: Development of single ion irradiation techniques and probing the induced changes in SiC and diamond , 2017-2020, Principal investigator, Milko Jakšić

IAEA CRP F11019: Development of molecular concentration mapping techniques using MeV focused ion beams, 2014-2018, Principal investigator, Zdravko Siketić


EU FP7 project SPRITE – Supporting Postgraduate Research with Internship in industry and Training Excellence – Marie Curie Initial Training Network, 2013-2016, Project coordinator for RBI, Milko Jakšić

UKF: Study of modern paint materials and their stability using MeV SIMS and other analytical techniques (2012-2015), Principal investigator, Ivančica Bogdanović Radović

IAEA CRP CRO-17051: Radiation hardness of semiconductors and insulators studied by focused ion beam irradiation and IBIC, 2012-2105, Principal investigator, Milko Jakšić

IAEA CRP CRO-18227: Environmental protection and monitoring of cultural heritage objects and applied research on structured materials for photo-electric energy conversion, 2014-2017, Principal investigator, Stjepko Fazinić

Bilateral project with Germany (MZOS-DAAD), Technische Universitatet Berlin, Micro X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (MIXES), 2015-2016, Principal investigator, Stjepko Fazinić

Bilateral project with Slovenia, Molecular imaging of biological samples using MeV ions and keV clusters for TOF-SIMS spectrometry, Principal investigator, Zdravko Siketić

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