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@Institute of Physics


Corridor in the second wing of the Institute of Physics hosting several G2D labs and offices: 122/II-125/II, 132/II-135/II.

Institute of Physics (IFZ) is the G2D unit of CEMS host institution. The expertise from members at IFZ (solid state physics, surface science, biological physics, atomic, molecular, optical and plasma physics) secures accessibility of capital equipment existing at IFZ in particular the core team members labs: scanning probe techniques STM and AFM under ambient and in vacuum, photoelectron spectroscopy and electron diffraction in vacuum, SAXS/GISAXS X-ray techniques, bio and planar sample fabrication, dielectric spectroscopy, flourescence correlation spectroscopy, femtosecond laser spectroscopy, …

@Ruđer Bošković and Physics Department

The versatility of expertise at IFZ is complemented by the equipment in labs of core members from Ruđer Bošković Institute and Physics Department at Faculty of Science: Raman spectroscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, RBI accelerator facility, GISAX and its modelling, magnetron sputtering, mechanochemistry lab, computational infrastructure, …

@New capital equipment

The aim of the G2D unit is to modernize and upgrade equipment across the teams and in particular to develop new labs which will add value to the joined expertise of team members. The main two new labs to be established within the G2D unit: (1) The “CVD Lab”, based on ~2-3 inch diameter variable pressure CVD furnace and accessories, will enable us routine synthesis of large amounts of monolayer samples, which at the moment we synthesize on smaller scale below 1 inch; (2) “Laboratory for Extreme Mechanics” will enable us to study elasticity phenomena and processes intrinsic to graphene and other (macroscopically) elastic materials.

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