Ruđer Bošković Institute, Bijenička 54, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia (RBI):

mario.stipcevic Dr. sc. Mario Stipčević, senior scientist at RBI, head of the research unit CEMS-Photonics. Expertise and research topics: new principles and devices for the generation of quantum coupled pairs of photons, quantum cryptography and quantum communication, biomimetic computation, holography at low light levels, quantum randomness, quantum contextuality, diode lasers and photon detectors.
Dr. sc. Martin Lončarić, research associate at RBI. His research activities are in the field of photonics (mainly plasmonics, optical and structural properties of noble metal nanoparticles, metal-dielectric composites and optical thin-film systems; most recently – applied quantum optics). He participated in the development and production of diverse optical and optoelectronic devices and instrumentation with scientific, medical and defence applications. He is responsible for a part of CEMS-Photonics optical test and measurement services.
Dr. sc. Budimir Kliček, scientific associate at RBI. He is doing research in the field of neutrino phyics and application of photonic detectors in that field. He is the leader of RBI group within Horizon 2020 project ESSnuSB, and is representing RBI in ENUBET and JUNO experiments.
Dipl. Ing. Anton Radman, Professional Advisor at Ruđer Bošković institute. Holds a diploma degree in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) in Zagreb. Joined Ruđer Bošković Institute in 2003. His expertise and responsibilities comprise the following: opto-electronic systems circuit and PCB design, design of fast logical systems on FPGA platforms, design of software and hardware for control of instrumentation for scientific and industrial applications. He has rich experience in development of medical instrumentation for photodynamic diagnostics and therapy (MediLED diagnostic and therapeutic devices produced at RBI), and implementation of automation and control (thin film deposition system at optical coating facility).
Mag. phys. Matej Peranić, asistent na IRB-u. Znanstveno-istraživačke aktivnosti iz područja primjenjene kvantne optike.
Željko Samec, RBI Technical Associate in the field of design and production of optomechanical systems with experience of working in the optical industry in the management of the production of ophthalmic lenses and thin films and in the defense industry.
Mateja Batelić, undergraduate student. Her research activities are in the field of quantum optics.

Institue of Physics, Bijenička 46, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia (IOP):

Dr. sc. Nazif Demoli, senior scientist at IoP. Head of the Coherent Optics Laboratory at IoP and a leader of the project “Holography and Interferometry under weak illumination”. His early background is in optical pattern recognition with particular interest in designing and optimizing complex correlator filters as well as implementing them using spatial light modulators. His research interests include holography (classical, digital, quantum) and interferometry (laser, holographic).
Dr. sc. Hrvoje Skenderović, senior scientific associate at IoP. His research activities include: Femtosecond laser specroscopy, Direct laser writing with ultrashort pulses, Coherent control by fs pulses, Photoluminescence of thin films and Digital holography. He is Certified Labview Associate Devoloper (CLAD).
Denis Abramović, MSc, research assistant at IoP. His research interests include investigation of fundamental quantum phenomena and their applications, interferometry and holography.

University of Rijeka, Trg braće Mažuranića 10, HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Prof. dr. sc. Marin Karuza is associate professor at University of Rijeka and head of the Laboratory for nonlinear and quantum optics. His maim research interests are astroparticle physics and quantum optics. His areas of expertise are: optics in particular Fabry-Perot optical cavities and interferometry, resonators, control loops and LabView.

Humboldt University, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, Deutschland:

mladen.pavicic Dr. Sc. Mladen Pavičić, senior scientist. Areas of expertise: quantum information, quantum computation, quantum cryptography, quantum contextual models, generation of Kochen-Speker sets, generation and manipulation of entangled qubits.

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