Photonics and Quantum Optics

The mission of the Photonics and Quantum Optics Research Unit of Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials and sensors (CEMS-Photonics) is carrying out fundamental research in the field of photonics and quantum effects in nonlinear optics as well as promotion of Photonics and Optics in Republic of Croatia.

The main research interests of our group are: quantum communication, quantum entanglement, quantum cryptography, biomimetic quantum-assisted computing, holography at low levels of light, photon-boson interaction, quantum computing, quantum randomness as well as development of advanced materials and technologies for new detectors and sources of light.

The originality of our approach to the above research topics  is that we intend to use quantum effects, such as emission and detection of single photons, quantum entanglement etc., as the main tools in the quest for answers to open questions. Some of the outstanding issues that are currently in the focus of our interest are: security and the range of quantum cryptography, holography of objects that do not reflect light, searching for hidden boson particles beyond the Standard Model of particles, generation of random numbers, quantum and quantum-assisted computing. We use and develop a broad variety of experimental techniques, in particular: innovative single-photon detectors, pulsed laser light sources, single and double Fabry-Perot resonators, stabilized continuous single-mode lasers, femtosecond spectroscopy, laser writing, nonlinear effects in homogeneous or periodic nonlinear crystals etc.

The ambitious research program of CEMS-Photonics covers topics that are on the very front of the scientific research and have a great potential for new scientific discoveries, generating new technologies and innovations.